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Jane Jitsu Certified Instructor


Founded on the belief that all women can defend themselves through education and empowerment.
Our system trains women to defend themselves against attackers fast. This is a physical class. Perfect for ages 12 and up! We cover situational awareness, self defense, rape escape and more.

Self Defense Training: Service

It takes only seven seconds for a criminal to pick you as a target. This empowering guide for women to protect themselves and their loved ones, from a self-defense expert and longtime veteran of law enforcement, combines commonsense advice on staying safe with concrete actions on what to do if find yourself in a dangerous situation.

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As seen on TikTok, protect yourself by learning how to trust — and act on — your instincts with the "empowering" (Boston Globe) #1 bestselling guide to personal safety, from security expert Gavin de Becker.

A carjacker lurking in a shopping mall parking lot. An abusive husband pounding on the door. A disgruntled employee brandishing a gun. These days, no one is safe from the specter of violence. But according to Gavin de Becker, everyone can feel safer, act safer, be safer — if they learn how to listen to their own sixth sense about danger.

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Educate, empower, defend.
This is a class with physical contact and training. Please wear comfortable clothing. This is NOT a martial arts class! Easy to learn, do and remember.

Self Defense Training: Welcome

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